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ASTA Boot Camp

455 Chain Bridge Rd.

Fairfax, VA  22030

Ph 703.279.2113

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ASTA Orchestra Teacher

Boot Camp

For the non string player
June 26-29, 2017

Who should attend?  Orchestra teachers who are not string players.

A hands on workshop:  All participants play a string instrument.

Clinicians:  Judy Evans and Lisa Hopko.

They have over 55 years of heterogeneous class orchestral teaching experience.


  • Establish strong posture and instrument positions.

  • Learn basic and intermediate bowings.

  • Understand beginning shifting.

  • Discover beginning vibrato exercises for the heterogeneous class.

  • Effective rehearsal techniques.

  • Connect with other orchestra teachers.

  • Added benefit: Receive Book I and II of two different method book series.